Facial Treatment - 面部護理

Ocean Spa offers a wide range of treatments by our experienced and qualified beauty therapists. We also offer Branded Facial Treatments for our customers. We are the distributor of the well know skin care products like Dermalogica, Raffine, Syma, Elemis, Valmont and Skin Ceuticals etc. We offer branded facial treatments to customers according to their needs. Our beauty consultants review customers' usage regularly and recommend suitable treatments to our customers.

image005面部護理 Facial Treatment  

特快基本舒緩護理          $680
Express Facial Treatment
全天候平衡護理            $880
Balancing Facial Treatment
防敏更新爽膚護理          $880
Sensitive Facial Treatment
特效保濕面部護理          $880
DNA Moisturizing Treatment
營養活膚護理              $980
Anti-Aging Treatment
激白淡斑面部護理          $980
Brightening Facial Treatment
香薰舒緩面部護理          $1080
Aromatic Moisturizing
抗菌暗瘡控油護理          $980
Acne Control Treatment
極速美白面部護理          $980
Instant White Facial Treatment
耳燭排毒護理              $880
Aroma Candle s Facial Treatment
袪皺美白緊緻護理          $1280
Anti-Wrinkles Skin Treatmentimage009
微電舒緩面部護理           $980
Skin Master Moisturizing Facial
微晶磨皮護理               $980
Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment
骨膠原美白保濕護理    $1280
Collagen Whitening Treatment
骨膠原緊緻護理             $1380
Collagen Tightening Treatment 
速熱柔光嫩膚護理           $1080
Light Heat Energy Treatment
鑽石磨皮護理               $1080
Diamond Dermabrasion Smoothing
鑽石磨皮護理(加插)          $680
Diamond Dermabrasion Smoothing
Treatment (Part)
微晶磨皮護理(加插)          $680
Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment (Part)
微電磨皮護理(加插)          $680
Skin Master Peeling Treatment (Part)
骨膠原面膜(加插)            $680
Collagen Mask for Face (Part)

Box Set Facial Treatment

魚子滋潤面部療程            $3000
Raffine Caviar Facial Treatment

抗敏舒緩面部療程.           $2800
Raffine Natural Face Sensitive
Repair Facail Treatment 

全效美白淡斑療程.           $3000
Raffine Bio-Green Whitening